Letitia Colautti -
Letitia Colautti

I am passionate about the benefits of therapy but especially the benefits of therapy for healing our relationship with our own self. 
'How to heal your relationship with food" is based on my many years of  education and experience and my absolute dedication to continuously learn and develop personal resources that enable great health and great self care.
Bachelor of Psychotherapy & Counselling
Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy
Certificate in NLP
Certified Doula
Trained in Systemic Constellations

Member of Australian Counselling Association # 10064
Clinical Member of Australian Hypnotherapy Association # 0606120
Holder of current First Aid Certificate
Holder of Police Check working with adults, Elderly and Children
ABN:75 034 963 455
 I view people holistically, as a complex blend of physical, mental, emotional and soulful aspects - each one deserving respect, acknowledgement, nurturing and soothing. I believe in a powerful connection between mind, body and spirit and ruptures in these connections provide opportunities to heal.

I am not clinical in my approach to working with people, as I incorporate my academic education and experience, with my interest in alternative modalities.
It is always a gift and a privilege to share the therapeutic space with my clients. I am passionate about my work and therefore pride myself on my commitment to continued education, training and supervision. 
It is never easy finding the right therapist to work with, so I encourage you to call and ask any questions you need answered, to ascertain if I am the right therapist for you. If I am unable to assist you then I will happily refer where ever possible.

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