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Psychotherapy helps you understand​​

your moods 
your behaviours

your relationships 

your identity

your purpose and meaning

your pain and hurts 

your stuckness 

your blind spots 

your work 

your body 

your family 

your past 

your direction 

How Psychotherapy works

Psychotherapy helps you expand your world view and the view of yourself in your world. 

Psychotherapy helps you understand yourself and living with greater self-understanding is a game changer because it helps you answer the 'why's' of your life.

Psychotherapy encourages insight. It encourages you to know more about yourself and in return helps you to help others to understand you.

Psychotherapy nurtures compassionate relationships; the relationship you have with yourself and the relationships you have ​with others.

Psychotherapy guides you towards your place of belonging and your most healthy connections.

Psychotherapy helps you know yourself and live from that knowing

Psychotherapy puts you in the driver's seat and empowers you to be the expert of your life by listening, offering , supporting , sharing and collaborating. 

The relationship between the Client and the Therapist is the foundation of Psychotherapy. The client is able to share their experiences with the therapist because it feel safes, comfortable, non judgemental and open. Then as a client experiences what it is like to be 'held' in a compassionate space, they are able to be compassionate with themselves and this changes how a client relates to their world at large and also how they treat themselves, talk to themselves, think about themselves and care for themselves.  As they develop greater insight, they are also able to relate to other people in their life with the same strong dynamics they enjoy in the therapy room;  Compassion, Empathy,  Presence and Trust.

Emotional Eating

I have a special interest and  broad experience in psychotherapy for Emotional Eating. I help  people understand their unique relationship with food and uncover the reasons why a person eats in a way that is causing suffering. My approach is No Shame/ No Blame because I avoid focusing on weight, diets or food plans.  My philosophy is based on the belief that our relationship with food echoes our relationship to our Self and therefore the way we care for and regard our Self is key to feeding ourselves well.  Ultimately, we can heal our relationship with eating and food by focusing on self compassion , connection to our  body, education and intuition.  It is possible to free yourself from the suffering of emotional eating in a way that is sustainable,  attainable and gentle. 

Clinical Supervision

I offer individual and group supervision.  Just as the Therapist / Client relationship is vital to the therapeutic process, the Supervisor / Supervisee ideally enjoy a robust rapport, open communication and compassionate understanding. I believe we learn from each other as we explore the nuances particular to the role of a therapist and the requirements of maintaining ethical and high quality service. Call me to discuss if I can support you . I am registered with the Australian Counselling Association - College of Supervisors. 

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